Our manifesto

Continuity presupposes radicalism. Greiner has been around for more than 150 years and will continue to exist in the future. In order to continue to be successful, radical innovations are needed.

Radicality requires courage and agility. This is ensured by Greiner Innoventures, Greiner's "Team of Specialists" for "Corporate Foresight" and "Corporate Venture Investment".

Agility demands freedom. We generate a deal flow from which investments can be made and provide the basis for strategic decisions regarding investments and development priorities within the corporation.

It takes courage to break new ground. We not only observe trends, but also look for and research new ideas and identify future-oriented, innovative techniques and technologies. We also evaluate the suitability, create material and organizational conditions for their application and ensure the subsequent commercial exploitation. This not only reflects our daily activities, but also our mission.


We love to innovate.

We would like to have a talk with you!